Case Study

Bluechip Cares 

 Freelance Job Portal

Total Team Size

7 People

Project Manager, Business Analysts, UI/UX Designer, Developers and Testers


5 Months

Technology Stack

PHP, Codigniter, Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML, MySQL


Bluechip Cares Pvt Ltd (Bluechip) is a home care and office care service provider. BluechipCares intends to offer a platform for online services for Service Providers (GIG workers) and customers. Promoter has 2 decades of experience in recruitment, staffing, and services areas. Bluechip has a vision to leverage the latest technology to create a platform for Service Providers and Employers.

About Project 

The portal includescomprehensive functionalities for Service Provider, Customers and Admin. Portal has business rules and logic implemented, which works seamlessly across all specified roles. Key modules of the project are

  • Customer Registration
  • Service Provider Registration
  • Service Provider GIG (Services) Creation
  • Customer Advertisement Posting
  • Job Matching (Advertisement & Service Provider)
  • Bidding and Service Provider Selection
  • Payments and GST Invoices
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Service Provider Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Email Alerting

Portal also takes care of non-functional requirements in the area of Security, Maintainability, Performance, Integration with 3rd party services and Google Analytics etc.

Technology Stack


  • Automated workflow for Service Provider, Customer was refined iteratively as the business scenarios and requirements changed.
  • GST Invoice requirements and logic were also refined based on inputs from legal law interpretation and business setup.
  • Definition of Services Categories – Primary and Secondary was iterated.
  • A series of admin functionality were visualized and implemented during the course of the project.


  • Yasham Software worked as a trusted partner for the client and provided intensive consultancy to finalize the workflows.
  • Based on knowledge and experience, we recommended multiple functionalities and savvy tactics essential to the application requirements. Eg. Terminology, Flow Optimization, Matching Engine, Improved Search Engine, etc.
  • Performed due diligence on design, modularity of code, quality assurance in terms of code review, and in-house testing was done.
  • Close co-ordination with the client during User Acceptance Testing. Established screen sharing, test credentials, defect log, etc to ensure faster testing.
  • Worked extensively with clients for infrastructure and 3rd party services selection. Based on our recommendations, the client purchased cost-effective infrastructure from 3rd party services. Saved client’s money by avoiding costly, overhyped cloud service providers.


Bluechip Cares Portal project is instrumental in providing a solid technology platform for business growth. The client is pleased with the services offered.

The relationship from this project is extended in Maintenance, Digital Marketing Consultancy, Hubspot integration work for the client.

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